VQTECH has more and more brands and the position of a pioneering company that takes the lead in improving and enhancing the service quality of the fire protection industry, meeting all requirements of customers, as well as complying with all regulations of fire prevention and fighting.

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VQTECH is unit Fire protection consultancy, construction, installation and supply of top quality and prestigious fire protection equipment in Vietnam.

Fire prevention and fighting is one of the very important tasks in order to protect human life and health, protect state and people’s property, and contribute to the protection of security, order and social safety. Being aware of the mission of the industry, VQTECH Firefighting Company always makes efforts and strives, equips and updates, continuously improves professional knowledge, as well as complies and complies with regulations of the Regulation fire protection standards.

With the capacity and professionalism in the field of fire prevention and fighting, VQTECH Fire Protection Company is proud to be a partner of large corporations and companies such as EVN, VRG, TTC…

VQTECH is increasingly affirming its brand and position as a pioneering company in improving and improving the quality of fire protection services, meeting all requirements of customers, as well as complying with all regulations. of the Fire Department.


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      • Email: Contact@vqtech.vn